Earth suit to heavenly dwelling

Rod Shimabukuro

For in this tent we groan, longing to put on our heavenly dwelling, 2 Corinthians 5:2

Paul says we are a transient people as Christ disciples. Repeatedly, the Bible affirms that this earth, our physical bodies is not our own and we are not yet home. We are pilgrims, passing through this life, to our final destination -to be with the Godhead forever! So it is acceptable to groan, eagerly yearning to out on another covering - a spiritual body. I am mortal, God immortal. I am temporal, God eternal. I am of earth and my spirit is of God, born again asa new creation in Jesus!
It’s been a week since my Mother in Love’s celebration service, as God promoted her to be with Him, forever and ever and ever, in HIs presence! There’s a rising confidence I sense the Lord giving me - that He is real, I am passing through this life, longing to called home to be with HIm. As I’ve said a number of times - I’m not afraid to die, but I am a little concerned about “how” I’m going to die.

Today - I am comfortable and confident in knowing that I don’t need to feel bad about groaning in this earth suit or tent - longing to be with Him. It’s not a morbid thought or desire! It’s Christ like to yearn to be with Him - even righteous to want to leave this temporal, sin stained life.
Dear Spirt of God - Thank you so much for Your presence and favor in my life. Thank you so much! I’m so grateful that You give me the confidence and eternal assurance - that I belong to Jesus and my Daddie Father has secured me as His son! WOW! Thank you for allowing me to be healthy, giving me the strength and disciplines to live a healthy life. Please continue to heal my Malia and Beckie…. and all the people you have place on my heart to pray for! I love You and can’t wait to see You - face to face, in my heavenly dwelling!

Devotions for April 05

Ruth 1,2
Psalms 53, 61
2 Corinthians 5

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