Leadership - Making Tough Calls

Marcus Sanders

"But I found that he (Paul) had committed nothing worthy of death; and since he himself appealed to the Emperor, I decided to send him." (Acts 25:25)
Making a call against a majority is a tough leadership call. Governor Festus is wishing to do the Jews a favor by sending Paul to Jerusalem to stand in trial there. In fact about 3 weeks prior to this audience with King Agrippa, Festus goes to Jerusalem and is persuaded by the chief priest to send Paul to them. I wouldn't doubt if money was used to tip the scales their way. Leadership in this case is corrupt. Personal gain corrupts judgment.

Festus knows Paul has done nothing worthy of death so he is looking for ways to wash his hand from this one. It reminds me of politicians. When it comes to election year, they try to do everything right and hide the elephants in the closet. It's after the elections they will try to deal with it. Fetus gets a break when Paul appeals to Caesar.
Hand washing is a common practice in politics. It's also a common practice in work, ministry and life. We call it another name, "passing the buck." Nobody wants the hard cases, the tough jobs, the problem child, the sick, the homeless, or the needy. We say, that's not my job, I took the hard one last time, it's somebody else's turn. We shun from situations that require long periods of time and energy, especially cases that go against the majority. These are the times when the real leader surfaces. He's not persuaded by what the public wants but what is right and just. He has the strength to make the tough calls, even when they are unpopular.

People deserved to be lead well. Passing the buck will only weaken the mantle of effective leadership. People will see the strength of a leader by how well he responds to the problem cases. It is a no brainer to know that the greatest growth of my leadership will come in the situations that requires more time and energy. There is no easy way to develop leadership. Accepting challenges are what make leaders most sought after. Problems approach us from all sides but growing leaders will find the solutions. Is there anything under the sun too difficult for God? He knows the answers to every situation. A leader who knows God has all the answers to the questions. Some require more knee-logy (on my knees in prayer) than others, but this is where God knows if we are serious about leading His people. We as God spokesmen need to dig deeper, stay longer, and pray harder to become God's leader and not God's politician.
Father, leadership is a gift from you that needs to be stewarded well. When a leaders does not steward it well he is call a politician. I never want to be called that. Help me to stand during those times of tough calls. I want only Your favor and wisdom to lead Your people well.

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