War on Pride

Tim Savage

43“Tell me what you have done,” Saul demanded of Jonathan. “I tasted a little honey,” Jonathan admitted. “It was only a little bit on the end of my stick. Does that deserve death?” 44“Yes, Jonathan,” Saul said, “you must die! May God strike me and even kill me if you do not die for this.” 1 Samuel 14
This morning’s reading was a lesson on leadership for me. Saul and his army were in a war against the Philistines and he made a foolish order for his soldiers. No one was to eat the entire day until the Philistines were thoroughly beaten. What was the use in that order? The men were fighting and running, they were tired and exhausted and the best way to renew their bodies and regain their strength? Take in food – fill their empty tanks. It seems to me that big and bold proclamations like this are made because of pride, not strategy, because of power, not prayer.
Leaders must war against pride. Pride is insidious; it quietly and subtly sneaks in to our lives. It can’t be totally exterminated, it’s always lurking in the dark corners of our hearts and minds slowly leaking back in while we are unaware. We begin to think that we’re special, or talented, smart or powerful and we begin to have bad judgment, making decisions based on selfish motives. Leaders must scrub their hearts and be humble. We have to remember that everything we’ve accomplished, anything we’ve achieved, is through the grace of God. Saul and other Jewish kings would often ask God for direction, but when they didn’t, lives were lost and the people suffered. I must ask God for direction in leading my family and my ministry. I must humble myself and glorify my Heavenly Father.
Dear Heavenly Father, Forgive me when I’ve let pride back in to my life. I want to be humble and give You all the glory. I want to be a vessel that You work through. Help me to lead Your people well. I must make good decisions directed by You so that people thrive and grow in You. In Jesus name, Amen

Devotions for April 13

1 Samuel 14
1 Chronicles 4
2 Corinthians 13

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