Believing results in Obedience

Rod Shimabukuro

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him. John 3:36
John was addressing a discussion of difference that his disciples and some Jews were having about purification. He lays the foundation of who Jesus is, where He has come from and His relationship to and with the Father. I love how John is being used to continue paving the way for Jesus, teaching and bringing clarity to the person of Jesus.

In this passage, I see a connection between believing in Jesus and obedience to Him. It is true that if I believe in God, I will live out and act upon what He calls me to.
There are times when my living doesn’t match my believing. I believe that God heals, but I lack praying over the sick. I believe God ‘s desire and will is to rescue people from sin, yet I do not share God’s Word with them.

Today, I am convicted and challenged, to reset my heart, renew my mindset - to just live it out. But I feel like the Lord is saying, don’t think things through so much when I sense His promptings to speak or do something uncomfortable on His behalf. I sense the Lord saying to my heart that If I really believe, I will instantly obey. For me, too many times I rationalize my way out of instant obedience.
Here’s another prayer of repentance Lord! Please forgive me for rationalizing faith away until I’m disobedient. Thanks for not giving up on me - for continuing to speak to me, prompting me. Thank you for not condemning me when I disobey. But Lord, please help me to be more bold to instantly obey You!

Devotions for December 18

John 2,3,4

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