Pass or Fail?

Rod Shimabukuro

Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus, the wilderness testing by temptations of the devil.v11; Then the devil went away, and angels came and took care of Jesus.
An often referred to passage where Jesus overcomes the devils ploy to overthrow Him in the wilderness. The devil brought his best game - his best strategic attacks against the Son of God! The clash between 2 super powers! And yes, of course there’s no other Super Power like our God, but you gotta admit, this was the temptation test of all time for Jesus, by an enemy who wasn’t playing for marbles for for ownership of the universe, world, God and mankind!

I read this story knowing the victory, but can I read it from the agony and grueling tests of all time? What if the Son of God failed the test? What if verse 11 read...“The devil went away victorious and the angels wept deeply in defeat with Jesus!!!”
Oh My God!! My heart is pounding as I write!!!!! This demonic test was for real - and the real story is that Jesus won! We would never have the Resurrection Story without the Victory in the Wilderness!

For me today, I’m overwhelmed with love for Jesus and hatred for the devil. Jesus is still victorious and the devil is still tempting humanity, to win the souls of God’s creation.

Today, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for Jesus’ victory in the wilderness. For His strong, faithful, devoted life and commitment to His Father’s assignment to redeem and resurrect mankind.

Today, I am honored to be in relationship with Jesus through the Word of God, overcoming the devils temptations and plots to defeat me. I am humbled to know that the Spirit of God leads me into battle for Kingdom purposes far greater that I can comprehend at the time.

Because of Jesus victory in the Wilderness and Cross - I pass in overcoming the enemy. I will never (ultimately) fail because He will never leave or forsake me!!
God ALL Mighty, ALL Loving, ALL Everything...!!!! I re dedicate my WHole Heart to YOU!!! While You know I don’t pass every test of temptation, You have “passed” me by Your cross and resurrection. I will graduate into eternity, to be with You one day. In the mean me to pass the tests of temptations. I really, really need You!!

Devotions for April 17

1 Samuel 19
1 Chronicles 7
Psalm 59
Matthew 4

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