A Weak Leader

Tim Savage

But after Jehoiada’s death, the leaders of Judah came and bowed before King Joash and persuaded him to listen to their advice. 18 They decided to abandon the Temple of the Lord, the God of their ancestors, and they worshiped Asherah poles and idols instead! Because of this sin, divine anger fell on Judah and Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles 24:17 
After so many years of faithful leadership under God, King Joash so easily succumbed to the temptations of false priests to worship others gods. The high priest Jehoiada seemingly led Joash and the kingdom of Judah so well, doing those things that pleased the Lord, but as soon as he died, Joash changed directions and sinned. What happened here? Joash didn’t learn and accept the truths of God and the teachings of Jehoiada in to his heart, he did what he was told, but it didn’t sink in to his spirit. The question this morning is are we doing all we can to teach our children and those we serve with to love and honor God? And when I say, “…all we can to teach…” I mean, are we setting an example in a way that they will observe and follow. I can imagine that Jehoiada tried to teach Joash, the king certainly did all the right things when he was younger, but was he taught in a way that was relevant and resonated within him? Maybe yes, maybe no, we can’t be held accountable for the actions of someone else. We have recently heard about the pastor’s son who randomly shot and killed a woman and injured several others; we don’t hold his father accountable for the son’s sins, but it does give us pause to consider what went wrong. 
I must continue to strengthen my faith through my lifestyle and daily study of God’s word, so that I will never be like Joash or King Solomon. I must always be strong enough to stand firmly on my own, no matter whom else stands with me. I must also continually set the example for those around me, my children, my family and those that I oversee of a life given to God. May those under my charge never repeat the fatal mistakes of this young king and turn from our Lord and Savior. 
Dear Heavenly Father, Please grant me the strength and wisdom to lead your people well. May I have the guts to confront when necessary and the mercy to reflect your grace. I ask that my family always represent You and serve You according to Your will.  In Jesus name, Amen 

Devotions for June 24

2 Kings 11,12
2 Chronicles 24
1 Timothy 6

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