Sensitivity to my spiritual senses

Rod Shimabukuro

Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him as he saw that the city was full of idols. Acts 17:16
Paul was well versed in the ways of the worlds religious and civil systems in his time. Having become a Christ follower, Paul was sensitive in his spirit to the ways of God, knowing that many of the people, leaders of Athens were idol worshipers.

I’m sensitive to things like aroma/smells in the air or atmosphere changing, or when I start feeling a little tired with a scratchy throat. Or when the “air in relationships” among people, teams, ministries out off an unusual odor. When these kinds of situations occur, I take some type of action to regulate, improve the circumstance.
Spiritually speaking, I want to be ultra sensitive to the “idols” within my heart and life. I really want my spirit to be provoked within, convicted but he Holy Spirit when the sin of idolatry is before me. I want to take action - repent immediately, quickly, with the fear of the Lord when my heart or any part of my inward being is idolizing something or someone. It’s crazy to think that I would idolize my sinful thoughts, attitudes - lusts of greed, pride, jealousy, selfish (I’m constantly fighting selfishness) - BUT I DO!! I allow myself to muse, ponder and live in sinful attitudes 15 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes tooooo long in certain sinful areas of my life!

I am so indebted to my Lord and God, Jesus! It’s a repetitive (Biblical) theme in my life… Repentance and Forgiveness. Not to take the Lord’s grace or love for granted but I Fully and Totally depend on HIs Lovingkindness! If my life, peace, holiness depended on just me - I’d be going crazy “trying to please God.”
But Lord… You are my Loving, Faithful and Convicting God! Help me to respond in obedience to you - in sensitivity, repentance and commitment to strengthen my relationship with You in my areas of weakness and vulnerability.

Devotions for February 10

Leviticus 13,14
Acts 17

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