Micah Simpson

"But there were some of them, men of cyprus and cyrene, who came to Antioch and began speaking to the greeks also, preaching the Lord Jesus." Acts 11:20
These men were nameless. No one had written down what family they were from or wrote a magazine article with a complete bio about their personal ministry. These guys were simply preachers of the gospel. Whats even more intersting is that Antioch was a city of 300,000 people, so you can imagine the recognition and status that might come from being a famous preacher in this city. But still, Luke did not record their names. After Barnabus came and checked out their work, he encouraged them and after that many more came to Christ. A great work was done through these men who were nameless and faceless.
The quesiton that each and every minister must ask themselves is this... Am I ok being nameless in the ministry that God calls me to? With that quesiton in mind, we have to be aware that seeking a name for yourself and seeking recognition is a very shallow thing. Can God grant you favor and grant you a position and a name? Absolutely! But to seek out a name is not what God has called us to pursue. Preaching the Lord Jesus Christ is our mission, and no matter where we are or what we put our hand to, we have to be comfortable knowing that our name in the big picture is such a small thing.
Lord I pray that I would keep my eyes fixed on you, because I never want to seek something for myself that is not in line with what you have for me. It might be easy to push my name out there, or my accomplishments, but I truly desire to see your name be made great, and your accomplishments be made known. If somewhere along the line I recieve a little credit, thats ok, but making a name for myself should never be my goal. Lord I pray my heart would stay pure and simple, and that I would always present my motives to you for cleaning. Amen.

Devotions for October 19

Job 5
Psalms 108
Acts 10,11

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