Do You Not Yet See?

Micah Simpson

"And he was saying to them, do you not yet understand." Mark 8:21
It truly was remarkable, for Jesus to feed that many people, what a sight it must have been, what an awesome feat to behold. But yet, it was paid no attention to by his disciples. They somehow forgot or overlooked or missed the incredible feeding of thousands that had just transpired.

Jesus even has to ask them, "do you not remember..." He tells them "do you not yet see?" The interesting thing about the whole story is how it does not have an ending. We see Jesus scold them, and thats it, they move on to the town of Bethsaida, and we do not hear anything more about it. The disciples didn't even defend themselves, they didn't make excuses, they didn't have a witty comeback, or try and redeem themselves, it was simply over!
Thinking about this passage causes me to wonder, how often do I absolutely miss it! I wonder what great things Jesus has done that I simply pass over or not even think twice about. I wonder if at my moments of questioning the Lord Jesus, is he really questioning me?

Do you not remember?
Do you not yet see?
Do you not yet understand what I have done?
And that is where the conversation ends, because that is all that Jesus needed to do, was to get me to take a serious look back at what he already did. I wonder how many times I think that Jesus hasn't done anything, so I complain or get frustrated, when all I really need to do is look back. Because it's when I look back at what he did that will help me to understand who he is.

Lord, I pray you would help me to understand, to see, to remember! I pray that my heart would not be hardened as the hearts of your disciples were, because I do not want to miss it! There will be times where I do miss it, so I pray that you would stop me in my tracks, and you would ask me tough questions. I pray that I would have a clear view of the past, and that you would work mightily in my future! Help me Lord to see! Help me to understand! Help me to remember! Amen!

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