Believe God

Rauna May

John 12:37, 38 Despite the fact that Jesus had performed so many miraculous signs before their eyes, still they would not believe in Him, as was predicted by the prophet Isaiah...
It was stated in Isaiah that Christ's words and deeds would not be believed but that they would meet with very little acceptance and a great deal of opposition. Even though many amazing miracles had been performed right before their eyes they did not believe. Instead of being convinced, they opposed Him. Jesus performed many great miracles—a wide variety of miracles—and He did them right before the eyes of multitudes. They weren't done off in a corner somewhere, hidden in obscurity, but in the eyes of many yet they still did not believe. 
When I asked a good friend of mine why so many miracles took place in his meetings and his country but were far scarcer here in North America, I will never forget his response. He very simply said, “It’s time people stop just believing in God and start believing God.” I thought, “Wow, how true.” So many people say earnestly that they believe in God and they truly mean it, but when it comes to believing Him and expecting what He says to actually happen, that’s a different story. How often have I said I believe in something God has said in His word but then when it comes down to stepping out in faith and living it, that’s a different story.
Dear Lord, help me to be one who not only believes in You but one who truly believes You. I don’t want to just read Your word and say I believe it, I need to live it daily in my life. In Jesus name!

Devotions for August 10

Jeremiah 5,6
John 12

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