He keeps me from falling!

Rod Shimabukuro

“I have said all these things to you to keep you from falling away. John 16:1
John instructed the disciples that the Father was sending the Holy Spirit to establish the truth of Jesus - He is the Messiah, the Son of God! The Holy Spirit is called the Helper, sent from God to to guide people in the ways of truth.

This is how we will be kept from falling away from our faith in Christ. Jesus establishes the truth of His sovereign relationship to the Father, as God’s Son.
I am so very-very grateful for the Helper of the Holy Spirit. He keeps me from wandering, drifting and falling away in my relationship with Jesus!

Pastor Wayne kicks off the Irresistible Church series with ”Hungers for the Presence of God,“ I am reminded of the present work of the Holy Spirit in my life.
  • It is His presence in me, who calls me to hunger for more of God.
  • It is His presence in me, who keeps me from falling.
  • It is His presence in me, who convicts and corrects me back to live a life of truth!
Thank you Holy Spirit of God. Thank you for keeping me from falling. When I fail, when I fall, you always restore my heart and life through Your very present work in my life. Thank you for Your presence in my life!

Devotions for August 14

Jeremiah 16,17
Psalms 96
John 16

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