Obedience To The King

Marcus Sanders

2 Sam 18:12 (HCSB) 12 The man replied to Joab, “Even if I had the weight of 1,000 pieces of silver in my hand, I would not raise my hand against the king’s son. For we heard the king command you, Abishai, and Ittai, ‘Protect the young man Absalom for me.’
Why would Joab expect and encouragea man to do something that is totally against the Kings wishes? It goes back to this Joab's inconsistency in leadership. When a leader allows personal feelings to get mixed in with obedience to the King, he opens up excuses and reasons to deviate.Joab had a track record of deviating - He plans Uriah’s death,he kills Absalom,He kills Abner who David protected, He supported Adonijah to be kinginstead of Solomon.

The soldier who saw Absalom hanging in the air could have taken advantage of the situation and receive recognition of stopping the enemies of David. But this man was obedience to the King and well knew that his wish was to handle kindly his son Absalom. (Just a side note - before entering warfare, it is wise to know basic do's and don't. Without these givens, war will be a free for all and the destruction can be more devastating than imagined.)

After the soldier gave the report, Joab sang a different tune other thanobedience of the King. Was he right? The Law says that treason was to be dealt with, rebellion to a father was to be dealt with, and sleeping with his father's concubines was to be dealt with but is it obedience to the King. Joab had only thing he was required to do…. obey the King.
The most important rule that I can live my life by is obedience to the King; hearing the King’s voice above all other voices.
  • Our church’s mission statement and core values are in obedience to the King.
  • Every ministry within its embrace beat to those values because they are obedience to the King.
  • Everyone’s responsibility is to obey the King

This one soldier had a change to: rise in the ranks, become famous, be an example to other, be rich but he chose to be obedient to the King. It would have been a choice many would fail; for opportunities come in rare moments.

On TV there was a show called “Fear Factor.” People will do the craziest things for money, for the challenge, and for the glory.
  • This one soldier stayed obedience to the King.
  • This one soldier kept hearing the King even when he encountered the enemy.

That’s my desire to keep hearing the King. With all other voices screaming for attention, I must hear the voice of the King. Even when I face frustrations, struggles and conflicts I must be obedient to the King
Father where are you leading me. I don’t want my personal feeling to mix in with obedience. I want my leadership to be consistent with Your voice.

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