Through the Knowledge of Him

Rauna May

2 Peter 1:2 - 4 May grace and peace be given you abundantly through your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord. Through His divine power He has given us all we need for life and godliness, because we know Him personally. He has called us to live for His glory and in His goodness, by which He has given us such great and precious promises. So we have become those who share in His divine nature and escape from the corruption caused by desiring what the world desires. (The Truth translation)

Throughout 2 Peter Jesus, not man, is the central theme. It is through knowing Christ that grace and peace are multiplied to us and it is through His divine power that we are given ALL we need, everything necessary, for life and godliness. Everything is a pretty broad, all-encompassing word. All means ALL. How exciting! He is not making a differentiation between what that something is needed for. He’s not saying I’ll give you what you need in only one area, He’s saysALL I NEED—EVERYTHING!

Since the key, found here, to grace and peace, is the knowledge of Jesus, when lacking peace it is critical to draw near and enter into a deeper knowledge of Him. This is a great measuring stick for me as to how my personal relationship with Him is doing. Having the assurance of knowing that ALL that I need for LIFE and Godliness has been given through His divine power together with the peace from having a personal relationship with Him. Although "all" is a tiny, three-letter, word it holds a wide spectrum of wealth.
In knowing Him personally we come to realize that we are called to live for His glory and as we do we have the riches of His precious promises.

Dear Lord, may I continually draw closer to you knowing that through this I have grace and peace together with the great wealth of all of Your promises. May that insatiable desire for more of you grow in my life daily as I long for a more real and intimate relationship with You. In Jesus precious name. 

Devotions for July 27

Isaiah 50,51,52
Psalms 92
2 Peter 1

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