Micah Simpson

"So when they had come together, they were asking him, saying, Lord, is it at this time you are restoring the kingdom to Israel?" Acts 1:6
The disciples must have been excited to be with Jesus again, because He had just died, and they thought they had lost Jesus forever. But in their zeal and excitment for what was next, now that Jesus was alive, they asked him a quesition that probably looked silly in hindsight. We can see in this quesiton that they were looking only at Israel, but Jesus was looking at the whole world. They were looking for a king in a city, but Jesus was looking to redeem the whole entire world. They wanted to rule in Jerusalem with Jesus, but Jesus wanted to send them to the uttermost parts of the world as witnesses.
These Jewish men were about to see the gospel expode in peoples lives all accross the world, and it was the Holy Spirit who empowered and prepared them for this mission. We can see that after the day of pentecost, the gospel began to go forth. The samarian in acts 8:5, the Ethiopian in 8:38, Paul in 9:18, Gentiles in 10:44, and it continued on from there, reaching Gentiles and Jews alike. And this mission continues on with me. I am also a witness along with the disciples, and I get to proclaim the life, death and resurection of Jesus Christ. And the gospel message will continue to explode in the hearts and lives of people all accross the world.
Lord, I pray you would help me to remember that the gospel of Jesus is worldwide, and that it is available for all who confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Christ is Lord. I pray that I would never grow tired of being a witness, but that I would always enjoy the excitement that being in relationship with Jesus brings. I pray that I would be a bold and courageous witness for you, just as Paul prays in Ephesians 6:19, that with boldness I would make known the mystery of the gospel. I love You Jesus! thank you for saving me, I pray I would walk worthy of the salvation with which I have been saved. Amen.

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Nehemiah 7,8
Acts 1

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