Compelled to Pray

Rod Shimabukuro

Romans 10:1 Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.
Paul’s deep desire matched his words and tireless efforts to reach God’s chosen people with the Gospel. He fulfilled what he later wrote in ch. 10, taking action by speaking, going and bringing the Good News to the people of Israel (v14-15).

Heart’s desire met with prayer will compel us to take action when it involves speaking, living and presenting the Gospel to the unsaved!
I’m met with conviction, as I meditate on this passage. I can tend to speak and present the Gospel - being ready in and out of season. But my problem is a lack of prayer. My desire compels me to do - to preach - to live the Gospel in a way to reach and touch a heart.
BUT, today, I am compelled to be MORE Prayerful!
No big lessons, no more words needed now. I’ve learned about prayer for over 30 years - yet I still lack the discipline and heart to “really pray!”

I feel bad for asking again Lord.... but please give me strength to not just speak or live Your word. I know that is good - but PLEASE help me to be more prayerful. Help me to discipline my heart and schedule to Pray! I love You - and if I do... I must Pray ... more!

Devotions for May 29

Proverbs 10,11,12
Romans 10

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