From 1st Class to Economy

Tim Savage

30 And note this: Some who seem least important now will be the greatest then, and some who are the greatest now will be least important then.” Luke 13
Isn’t it human nature to want the best, to sit in first class, to eat in the coolest restaurants, drive the nicest car, live in a beautiful home, be the boss, make lots of money and be respected and treated as if you’re important? It’s natural to want and strive for that. Here in Luke, Jesus says something so profound, in essence; He says that there are many things we crave and work for in this life that have no value eternally. Wow. Most of us work hard for that promotion and raise, we sacrifice our time and often our family to gain something that is ultimately empty.  Jesus’ teaching is an important reminder to look past the world for our treasures, like the lyrics of an old church hymn, “the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.” 
I need to leave my life in Jesus’ hands. I must have faith in Him and not worry about position, or power, influence or finances. Wouldn’t it be terrible to have worked so hard during our earthly life to climb the worldly ladder, then find ourselves at the bottom of the heavenly ladder because we had our priorities wrong? What then should I focus on? I need to continually grow my faith, trusting in Him more each day, dying to myself so that He may live in me. I need to reset my priorities on the eternal rather than the temporal and I must live in love and humility, representing Christ in order to lead others to Him.
Dear Heavenly Father, Help me to grow in these things. Help me to discern between earthly and heavenly goals. I want to please You in this life and store my treasures in heaven.  In Jesus name, Amen 

Devotions for September 30

Zechariah 7,8,9
Luke 13

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