Marcus Sanders

26"People will be so afraid they will faint, wondering what is happening to the world, because the powers of the heavens will be shaken… 28 When these things begin to happen, look up and hold your heads high, because the time when God will free (redemption) you is near! 34 Be careful not to spend your time feasting, drinking, or worrying about worldly things."(Luke 21:26,28,34)
There are so many things we can spend our time on. We can spend our time on gossiping, partying, sleeping, accumulating, building, working, and the list goes on. Israel came into a silent period where much about the fresh moving of God was still. The people were more in the religious mode, church attendance was the right thing and the religious leaders were the voice of God. It was kind of living in a safety mode under the Roman Empire. Jesus initiated the fresh move of God in their lives. The people were moved to go beyond the religious church mindset and challenged to respond to God and each other from their heart. Their mind was challenged to go beyond judging others by the Law towards loving (agape) and forgiving others unconditionally. Jesus gave them the greatest two commandments, love God and love one another. But it doesn’t stop here for Jesus also unveils the dark side of those who don’t catch the love of God. The heaven and the earth will be shaken and many will wonder what is happening. Fear will grip the hearts of those who miss their opportunity to embrace a relationship with God. Because many will spend their time on the wrong things with wrong priorities, their lives will be shaken along with the physical world. Jesus turns to the disciples to encourage them to spend time wisely and hold the things in life (material possessions) loosely. 
There are two things that are important in my life: What possesses me and what I am passionate about (heart), and what consumes my attention (time). You see I can have a great heart but spend my time on the wrong things like gossip, partying, accumulating and working in excess that express an attachment to the world. Or I can have a great heart and steward my time wisely towards the things of God. Jesus said be careful not to spend your time on things that have no fruit towards the eternal things. I’ve had days where I asked myself, “Where did all the time go?” After careful analysis, I discovered I had inserted a time waster that amounted to empty fluff in my life graph. Life has many distractions that draw us to invest passion and time in empty fluff. There will only be two head postures in the 2nd Coming of Christ: One with the lowered head and the other with the raised head. Jesus said, ”When these, (signs, calamities) begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Now is the time to raise my heads with a passion (heart) and steward (time) wisely as I do things that consume my attention with Jesus as my center. I want to be caught with my head raised high totally focused on my God. How about you? 
Jesus, be the center of my will, affections and attention. Holy Spirit put me in check when my attention is placed on empty fluff. As Moses said in Psalms 90:12, teach me to number my days that I may get a heart of wisdom. May I spend my life wisely. 

Devotions for October 08

Ezra 9,10
Psalms 131
Luke 21

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