Overhaul My Wimpy-ness

Rod Shimabukuro

"And since he would not be persuaded, we ceased and said, "Let the will of the Lord be done." (Acts 21:14)
Disciples, spiritual leaders urged Paul to remain in Caesarea, not traveling to Jerusalem where Agabus prophesied that he would be bound by chains. Paul would not listen, surrendering to whatever form of persecution that would come his way to preach the Gospel where he felt God was leading him.

I've been like Paul's friends and fellow brothers in Christ, sharing conservative, practical counsel. Seeing the "obvious outcome" that avoids hardship or death, is not always the right response to God.

Could it be that the Lord's will leads to sacrifice or death?
I'm convinced that I would be a wimpy Christian in the era of Paul. Not that the disciples who were trying to dissuade Paul from imprisonment and hardship were wimps. But in reading the accounts of Paul, the disciples and their boldness to live for and preach the Gospel, I am severely convicted of my "wimpyness!"

So to live differently and changed would mean an overhaul in attitude and faith in my devotion to God. If I were to live boldly, what would that live like or look like? More conversations in personal evangelism is one thing that needs to level up.

I am grateful for the opportunities to share the Gospel at all the funerals I've been doing. Through death, I trust that His love message is living and speaking through my words and witness.
Whew - I'm getting bus' up!! The conviction of Your Holy Spirit is beating my flesh down - that's a great thing! I know, that I know that I know - the work of Your Spirit in my heart is active and alive! FORGIVE me Lord, Empower me to live obediently, moment by moment - to share Your love with others - no matter how ashamed I or people may make me feel. Unto You - may I love boldy!

Devotions for February 14

Leviticus 23,24
Psalms 24
Acts 21

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