Mind Over Matter

Richard Waialeale

2 Corinthians 1:55 For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.
Yesterday I had an incredible opportunity to speak with a dear friend going through treatment in the battle against Leukemia and the pain and suffering he’s experiencing. In the middle of last month he received the third of four scheduled chemo treatments, and how each one seemed worst then the last. The effects of chemo (the doctor forewarned him) will hit two weeks after the administering of the treatment, and he says this one was “ugly.” Forced back into the hospital with a fever of 101 to 104 for two weeks, a loss of 20 pounds, and if that wasn’t bad enough - a heart monitor causing shock waves called “cardio version” to help with the irregular rhythm of his heart needed to be applied. During this time in the hospital the spiritual battle and the intense emotional battle was feirce, mind over matter like no one can imagine. I wont get into what he was experiencing but the lesson for me is this:
This was my friends darkest time of his life, almost surrendering into submission. What started him moving into a victory mindset was when his wife entered the hospital room one day and smelled the stench of the fierce battle taking place. She called on their son and four pastors to come and pray.
And here’s the application, they began filling his mind with the only antidote that is needed at times like this. They filled him not with what was in the present, but with God’s future and His promises. And when you keep feeding into the mind, God’s future and His promises, all of a sudden the wall of darkness begins to crumble and recovery is just a step away. The good news is that after a few days his blood counts began to rise and now he’s back home. Whenever we’re challenged to the point of ultimate darkness in our lives. Start reading the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God and the promises of God, filling our minds and heart to the obedience of Jesus Christ.
I pray that if anyone is experiencing pain and suffering, and their mind is scrambled into a dark, dark corner. Refuse to submit, but pick up the Word of God and start searching through the over 7,000 promises He has for us. I pray that we will be victorious if we win the battlefield of our minds in Jesus Christ. Amen.
(some of the information I took from my friends blog)

Devotions for April 01

Judges 11,12
Psalms 50
2 Corinthians 1

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