Prayer's Power

Tim Savage

9 Then Jacob prayed, “O God of my grandfather Abraham, and God of my father, Isaac—O LORD, you told me, ‘Return to your own land and to your relatives.’ And you promised me, ‘I will treat you kindly.’ 10 I am not worthy of all the unfailing love and faithfulness you have shown to me, your servant… Genesis 32
The power of prayer. After so many years of being a Christian, I am finally learning it’s very real power. I now find that the more I listen to Him and rely on Him, the more He provides and the more He solves. Big things and small, important and trivial, corporate and personal – finally, I have begun to learn that I am not in control and must rely more and more on Jesus. Just like in hundreds of other passages in the Bible, God answers Jacob’s prayer. I know of so many incidents of answered prayer, and yet, when I face the day-to-day grind of challenges, problems and tasks I have, so often, defaulted to trying to deal with these things on my own. The world teaches us to be self-sufficient, relying on no one but ourselves, but God wants us to be completely reliant on Him, trusting in Him for all of our needs. The world tells us that’s weak, but in and through God we are infinitely stronger. 
There have been so many instances of answered prayer in my life recently. I must start writing down and documenting these amazing things or else I’ll just forget them and not give God the glory and the credit. From the insignificant, personal moments to the big, important and corporate issues, God continually provides in amazing ways. I must keep giving more of me to Him, so that I become a more effective servant for the kingdom.
Dear Heavenly Father, I want to live my life as a testimony for You. I want to refine away those things that displease You and grow in those that glorify You. Thank You for answering my prayers, may I rely on You for everything as I learn to serve You wholeheartedly.  In Jesus name, Amen 

Devotions for January 13

Genesis 31,32,33
Luke 13

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