Keep My Spiritual Senses Open

Marcus Sanders

Isa 32:3-4 Then the eyes of those who see will not be blinded, and the ears of those who hear will listen. 4 And in the mind of the hasty will discern the truth, and the tongue of the stammerers will hasten to speak clearly.
God's people lived defeated lives when they forgot Him. It would have been nice to see a consistent quality of life flow from the Garden of Eden to this point of which Isaiah speaks but as much as God would want that he gave man the power of choice. There is always an appeal to people of God by the prophets to return to Yahweh. It’s an appeal to choose life instead of death but even as history unfolds we can see that the path of death was the number one pick. Why would that be? I believe because people evaluated life by what they had today. They wanted to maintain their quality of life and not God’s quality of life.

The beginning verses uses elements of nature to describe the effects of disobedience. Words like wind, storm, dry country & parched land describe where they were. But when God’s Spirit comes, His people are refreshed. Words like refuge from the wind, shelter from the storm, streams of water, and shade describe a satisfied people. When God’s people live repented lives they taste the goodness of the Lord.
Forgiveness is a gift from God. The hand of the Lord is always open to forgive me of my sin. God wants me to see the error of my way and correct my course. Repentance is my part toward Him. When I willingly submit to Him, I will see my sin. When I don't submit, repent I will not see my sin. In fact in verse 3 & 4 the effect will be quite the opposite - my eyes will be closed, my hearing will not give attention and my heart will be anxious. But under Christ the King it will be quite different. The elements of nature in a spiritual setting will be described more in protection and provisions from God. Words like refuge from the circumstances of my life, the water of the Holy Spirit when life gets tough and the stability of building on the Rock are my experiences under the King who reigns in righteousness.

God is able to transform all my shortcomings not only in the physical but also mainly in the spiritual. I will be a man who see’s, hear, understands and speaks in Christ
Lord, help me to see Your ways. I willingly submit to Your corrections in order to keep my life usable for your work.

Devotions for July 18

Isaiah 32,33,34,35
James 2

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