Beginning and Ending by the Spirit

Rod Shimabukuro

Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh? (Galatians 3:3)
After living a Christian life for a while, it's easy to get numb to the work of the Spirit in our hearts. We can fall into a mundane, casual relationship which can easily lead to drifting away from living intentionally and wholeheartedly for Jesus. The Christian Galatians were further down the road, being affected, even deceived by false teachers being tempted and yielding to the works of their former lifestyle as Law-livers.

Being perfected in the flesh, means we can go back to living according the the standards of our former life and lifestyle.
There are a couple of foolish areas in my life where it seems like the Lord was questioning me. "Are you so foolish Rod?"

I can be stunted by a sense of guilt when I'm stumbling around in my heart. It's the "little sins" or shall I say "hidden sins" that no one sees that I can be discouraged by. Why do I battle with some inner attitudes so often - while trying to love and live for Jesus?

Today, I receive His truth and grace, that I've begun my relationship in and by the Spirit through Jesus - and I continue to grow and live for Him, through the Spirit. It's not my works that will propel me to the next level. It is His work of grace in me and my obedience to not return to my works of the flesh.
Dear Spirit of God. Thanks for beginning Your grace work in my heart, helping me to grow in love with Jesus. By You, I begun, continue and will end this life of faith as Your faithful son. Help me to make wise choices to NOT return to my old ways of living and thinking.

Devotions for March 12

Deuteronomy 19,20,21
Galatians 3

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