The Secret to Love

Richard Waialeale

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud." (1 Corinthians 13:4)
In just the first verse of Corinthians, scripture tells me how love acts. Love is patient tells me that it has to take time. When it comes to waiting, you have to be patient. That has to be part of our relationships.

If the God who made the universe can take time to wait for you and me, then we can learn from Him to take time to wait for one another, to make allowances for each other's faults, because that's part of what love is. Love is alive when it has the time.

Scripture also says, "Love is kind". Kindness means the ability to care for each other in the practical details of everyday life. Kindness means I have a tender heart and a forgiving heart towards other people. Love is alive when it cares.

And finally, the last part of verse 4, Behind those three words -- envy, boast, and proud -- you can write "that equals insecurity". No matter what happens, God says to us, I love you. We have that security with Him. Love is alive when it's secure.
When we allow the Holy Spirit to control us, He will produce in us the Fruit of the Spirit. 3 Simple Questions To Follow:
  1. How do I keep a love alive? Don't take it for granted.
  2. How do I handle a love that is dying? Act in love and not in fear.
  3. How do I handle a love that's dead? Don't give up just because it's dead. We have a God who specializes in resurrections. Act your way into a feeling, and you begin to persevere again.
Lord help me to discover that kind of love that God has for me, to Trust Christ in my life - In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.

Devotions for February 28

Numbers 24,25,26,27
1 Corinthians 13

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