Fit for a King?

Craig Peterson

Leviticus 10:10 …so that you can distinguish between the holy and the common, between the unclean and the clean, 11and so you can teach the Israelites all the decrees the Lord has given them through Moses.” 
Aaron’s sons had disobeyed the Lord and offered unauthorized fire and they were consumed by fire. Then the began to give even more specific instruction to Aaron and his nephews, wanting them to be clear about what was expected of them as priests of the Most High God. Among other things, he gave this admonition…do not go into the tent of meeting drunk or you will die. He told them that they need to be clear minded and sober so they could distinguish between what is holy and common (what belongs and what does not belong to God), and what is clean and unclean (what is fit for God). But the Lord did not just tell them they had to be able to distinguish these things, they were charged with teaching the Israelites the difference. It was their responsibility to fight the pull of the culture and preserve the knowledge of what is God’s and what is fit for God. It was their responsibility to help the Israelites know how to live a life that is pleasing to God. 
Our culture has such an overwhelming influence on us. Just look at the magazines at the checkout counter at the supermarket that are on display for everyone (any age) to see. Turn on any television and randomly pick a channel. You will not have to wait long to see and hear things that producers, directors and advertisers have strategically placed in our family rooms to influence the way we speak, where we eat, what we buy and yes, how we think and what we believe. Even churches across our great country are abandoning the clear instruction in God’s Word and determining, based upon what “seems right”, what “feels right”, or what “won’t hurt anyone’s feelings”, how they think we are to live. Our culture has an enormous pull on us and it’s sucking us ever increasingly away from God’s will. Yes, I said it, our culture sucks. So what are we to do as believers? If we are truly all ministers, or as scripture says, a holy Priesthood, how are we to live our lives. This little passage gives us very clear and simple instruction. Seek the Lord and stay in His Word. This is the only way we will be able to distinguish His voice from the loud sucking noise of our culture. Constantly ask if things are holy or not (do they belong to God) and if they are clean or unclean (are they fit for Him). If they belong to Him, they are good and worth pursuing. If they are fit for Him, they are fit for us. If they are not, we are not to engage them, whatever they are. Finally, share what you know with others. We are to be the whistle blowers of our culture, always pointing people to Jesus. 
Lord, grant me wisdom. Wisdom to know you. Wisdom to know what belongs to you. Wisdom to know what is fit for you. And grant me strength and creativity to tell others what belongs to you and what is fit for you in a way that will draw them to you. Lord, help me to live a life fit for you, my King and grant me your grace to help others do the same.

Devotions for February 09

Leviticus 10,11,12
Acts 16

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