The Prison Doors Close Behind You

Richard Waialeale

Genesis 39:20-21 (NIV)
“...But while Joseph was there in the prison, the Lord was with him;

There have been times when I might not have been imprisoned, but felt incarcerated. Times when I felt like the prison doors had just shut close behind me and I was confined in a place of loneliness. What I notice about Joseph is when this happened to him, he did not sulk, become discouraged and rebellious, or engage in self-pity by thinking ”everything was against him.“ Because if Joseph had done so, the prison warden would not have trusted him. 
May I remember that if self-pity is allowed to set in, I will never be used by God again until it is totally removed. Joseph always seemed positive in spite of the situation. He simply placed everything in joyful trust upon the Lord, and as a result the prison warden placed everything into Joseph’s care.

LORD Jesus, when the prison door closes behind me, keep me trusting in You with complete and overflowing joy. Use me Lord I pray and give Your work through me with great success, even when I feel imprisoned, make me ”free indeed.”

Devotions for January 16

Genesis 39,40,41
Luke 16

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