I Appeal to Caesar

Tim Savage

"If I have done something worthy of death, I don't refuse to die. But if I am innocent, no one has a right to turn me over to these men to kill me. I appeal to Caesar!" (Acts 25:11)
I love that declaration, "I appeal to Caesar!" Paul was in a high court in the city of Caesarea, he had traveled through many places and a long distance to finally be tried in a Roman court. As a former religious leader, Paul knew his rights and understood the court system and he knew that he could beat the charges against him and walk out a free man. But, Paul had a bigger goal, a God-given vision he was destined for Rome to have the opportunity to tell the world's most powerful authorities about Jesus, so he appealed to Caesar.

He gave up his rights, but he didn't give up his assignment. Being proven innocent and given his freedom weren't his goals; his safety and comfort weren't important , but leading the lost to Jesus Christ meant everything to him, so he appealed to Caesar.
When my God-given dreams seem far away or my vision for reaching the lost in even greater ways seem out of reach I must appeal to Caesar. Now I don't mean to pray to or worship Caesar in any way, but to use that phrase as a rallying cry, like Paul. To forsake the convenient and the easy way for the greater goal. To remind me that some things are worth fighting for even when I could be proven right, or innocent, or given my freedom, or granted more power or more money. Even when the world says otherwise, I must keep pushing to the goal.

The enemy will find many insidious ways to distract us he will make things harder, or easier; he will take things away or give us something new; he will make us richer or make us poor, it doesn't matter to him which way we walk off the trail, right or left, just that we stop pushing to the goal.
Dear Heavenly Father,

Help each and every one of Your followers to pursue that dream You've given to us. Let us not stop short of the goal. Give us the strength and courage to "Appeal to Caesar!" and not settle in Caesarea.

In Jesus name,


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Numbers 3,4
Acts 25

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