Praise the Lord

Marcus Sanders

Ps.111:1 Praise the Lord (Hallelujah) I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart, In the company for the upright and in the assemble. 
There are several Psalms called the Hallelujah Psalms. They come from a time of the children of Israel coming out of captivity from Egypt, and Babylon. Out of much suffering comes the quality of faith that says hallelujah to the One who deserves my devotion, love and commitment. 
Hallelujah is a universal word. I’ve stood around people of different languages, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, African, and the one word that we can say together is “hallelujah”. It simply means praise the Lord. God is worthy to be praise in spite of all that we go through. In the hard times – praise the Lord. In the good times praise the Lord. In the hard times I agree, it is easy to place my focus self and the challenges that hold me from getting my way. It becomes so that our obstacles become my gods. They control my temper, attitude, and our reactions. But even more so should my soul cry out Hallelujah. Why, because hallelujah speaks volumes toward our God. When I say Hallelujah, God has my attention. Hallelujah shifts my attention from me to Him. My faith is activated to see Him as the one who dwells in eternity, who holds all things together by the power of His Word. My Faith is activated with His Spirit to see Him larger and the obstacles smaller. He is the one who holds my plan and future in His hand. No man outside of me can change what God has for me. When I say Hallelujah, I celebrate God’s redemption. Everything is redeemable. My problems are redeemable. My mistakes are redeemable. Relationships are redeemable. Thank God I don’t have to settle for how things are now. I can see them as redeemable and how they can become because God is the Redeemer When I say Hallelujah I remember God promises, I remember His faithfulness. God doesn’t remember me when I’m good and forget me when I’m not doing good. When I’ve fallen short of the glory of God I can tap into His forgiveness, and God remembers His grace through Jesus. When I say Hallelujah, I am remembering Him, His grace, love, favor, and promises. 
Hallelujah. Father I am so in loved with You. You’ve taken my life from hopelessness to hopeful. Sometimes I’ve allowed myself to get discouraged and forget that You are involved in the affairs of man. Man has plans but it is You who brings it to pass. Direct my life to bring glory to Your name. 

Devotions for September 03

Ezekiel 20,21
Psalms 111
Revelation 8

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