Obedience Keeps the Voice Strong

Marcus Sanders

1 Sam 16:12b, 13 …Anoint him, for he is the one. So Samuel took the horn of oil, anointed him in the presence of his brother, and the Spirit of the Lord took control of David from that day forward. 
Saul becameKing not because of anything he had done, or what family he belonged to. He didn't apply for the job or earn the promotion. He was hand picked and equipped by God.But his leadership loss it’s edge. When a leader develops selective hearing, his effectiveness looses power.

God looks for a man whose heart is inclined to His. As He scans the earth He finds a youth whose heart is inclined to His. God speaks to Samuel and says” Anoint him, I choose him, so Samuel anoints and sets David apart for his calling. Samuel we are compelled to release his dream for leadership. The position is not now but my favor and Spirit must be with David now. He must enter the arena of discipleship. After Samuel poured the oil the Holy Spirit took control of David from that day forward. 
I want to be like this young David. Not to be him but to have my life controlled by God’s Holy Spirit. I want my life to be a burning fire for the Lord. I don’t want fame, I don’t want position, but what I want is to testify and lead others to Christ. I want to live under the anointing of God. And the only way that I will burn bright is to stay in obedience to His Word and Spirit. Obedience is the one thing God requires. The prophet Samuel was God’s voice to which the king or leader who listened to his instructions would live as God's man. Obedience to the instructions would give the leader a voice to speak and a candle that would burn forever. 

I must guard my heart from taking matters into my own hands. Adam and Saul are my examples of what happens when I push aside obedience and take matters into hisown hand. In this new season Lord I need your favor and Your anointing to accomplish the call on my life to be Your leader, spokesman and testimony for the Kingdom of God. 
Father Your word to me has reminded me not to take my call lightly. And that Your favor comes only with obedience. Help me to stay the course. 

Devotions for April 14

1 Samuel 15,16
1 Chronicles 5
Matthew 1

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