Praise The Lord

Richard Waialeale

Isaiah 25:1 (NIV) 1 O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.
At the time Isaiah was writing this, there were destruction and devastation all around him. So who can think of praising God when it feels like the roof is caving in. When life is falling apart - who can stop and praise the Lord?The word praise became real when further back in the Old Testament (Genesis 29:31-35), during the time of Jacob, his first wife (Leah) was being overlook for another woman (what!). Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but got stuck marrying the old sister, Leah, first. Leah then felt unappreciated, unloved, she got no attention and her husband, Jacob, gave all the attention and love to Rachel. So Leah decided to have a baby in hopes to change things. It was at the birth of the fourth child, Leah named him Judah, and said, “now I will stop carrying a heavy load.” Meaning now she will no longer have the burden, now she will no longer carry the heavy burden herself. The name Judah means “Praise.” (Gen. 29:35).Leah was going through the most difficult time in her life when she said, “now I will praise the Lord.” In the book of Job (1:20-22), family gone, animals all killed, best servants in the land all wiped-out - what did Job do? “Blessed be the name of the Lord,” He praised God.
When life deals you a lemon, make lemonade, “Praise The Lord.” In every woman is every egg that she will ever give birth too. The Judah egg was inside Leah. It wasn’t in the pretty sister (Rachel), but in the ugly situation of life. Inside the egg of Judah, 27 generations later was born Jesus Christ. Joseph, the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ. From the line of the tribe of Judah, was born our deliverer. Isn’t that incredible that inside the line of Praise, inside the line of Judah was our deliverance. Praise the Lord. Inside the line of Judah was every knee shall bow down and every tongue will confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord. He is all we ever need. He is the healer, He is the deliverer, He is the great physician, the provider. Inside our Praises, is all that we shall ever need. It was inside of the line of Judah. If you want to give birth to a miracle. Praise the Lord.
Lord I am reminded to always Praise You Lord. I’ll praise You when the sun goes up, until the sun goes down. Even when I can’t see, hear or connect with You - help me Lord to Praise You with all my heart. Amen.

Devotions for July 16

Isaiah 25,26,27,28
Hebrews 13

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