Submitted to Jesus, tapping out pride

Rod Shimabukuro

But he answered his father, ‘Look, these many years I have served you, and I never disobeyed your command, yet you never gave me a young goat, that I might celebrate with my friends. Luke 15:29
While Pharisees, Scribes, tax collectors and sinners were present, Luke records Jesus sharing various parables to illustrate the heart of of a shepherd, the heart of God in relationship to a sinful, lost and straying people. Many of which are religious leader and authority, who followed God (many in tradition, not authentic relationship).

The proud, hard working son who served and complied with his father, was indignant towards his prodigal brother who was celebrated by their father after a season of selfish, self-indulgent and sinful living.
I never, ever want to be like this proud brother. In fact, I relate to the prodigal brother who returned and repented to his loving and merciful Papa! The other fact is that I grapple with proud, angry, jealous, competitive entitlement feelings. I must repent immediately, all the time - putting on Jesus love, realizing His great love for me and others. I’m not His favorite child - but I am His favored son.
I’ve seen too many people, leaders, servants of God, get burned because they don’t know how to win the grappling match with their pride. For whatever reasons (and they all vary), we all must know how to grapple with our pride.
Pride measures itself against others. Pride works hard and craves attention. It’s so subtle at times. Pride can be found wrestling with obedience.
Today - I MUST CHECK MY HEART - CHECK MY MOTIVES... and tap pride out, by submission to Jesus.
I submit Lord - to You, confessing my pride, foolish arrogance. Forgive me of my sins - all the one’s in the caves and crevices of my heart. Help me to take off the masks and be careful of the subtle ways pride sneaks into my heart. I do Love You Lord Jesus - I DO!

Devotions for October 02

Zechariah 13,14
Psalms 147
Luke 15

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