In the image of God

Rod Shimabukuro

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27
Today, I can’t think of a better passage to hold onto, memorize, to live and be known by, than Gen 1:27. Being reestablished and redeemed through Jesus to God my Father, I am made in the image of God.

My sin nature desired to be god of my life, living as the sole ruler not being accountable to anyone in life. My identity was wrapped up in the pursuit of what was good and right for me. This self centered, self willed, selfish heart has been reconciled through Jesus to God. My original design is this - I am created in the image of God!
Happy New Life in God, made in the image of God - is the way to a happy new year! Being made in the image of God, created to live for God and His purposes is my original design. Any other way, passion, pursuit is not my original design or purpose.

This is it! This is my theme passage for the day, month, year. This reminder is the foundation of living in obedience, towards God’s fullest, purest plan and potential for my life.
God created Rod in His own image.
  • I must live in pursuit of this design.
  • I must live towards being transformed in His image.
  • I must be corrected and pruned back to His image.
  • I must discipline my life to His image.
  • Not my image, but His image be lived out.

But when I get discouraged because I am not living up to His image - I remember... I am already made in the image of God. Not by my doing, say or will - by the grace of God - His choice, will and heart - I have been created (already created, it’s done!) in the image of God!
My resolution, my heart covenant is this Lord. That all I am, all I live for, all I desire, all I want - is to be more like You... in everything! And as I live by Your grace to be transformed into Your image, I KNOW that I HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE IN YOUR IMAGE! My life is Yours - in Your image, for Your purpose, for Your will, FOR YOU! Thank you for creating me, choosing me to be made in Your image.

Devotions for January 01

Genesis 1,2
Luke 1

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