The Open Door

Marcus Sanders

Ez 7:26b ...then they will seek a vision from a prophet, but the law will be lost from the priest and counsel from the elders. 
God had strategically put Jerusalem at the center of the nations to be a witness of light, a witness of His glory. But it was hard to be a witness when His people are doing the same thing as the nations. Revelations speaks of the church of Philadelphia of having an open door that no man can shut. In other words no matter what the nations would conjure up they could never break down God's people. The door for evangelism was open; the door to show the love of God and the power of His testimony was open. Now the hand of God was to be removed and the nations were to plunder His people and city. God said, “because of your abominations I will do among you what I have not done nor will do again”. Your fathers will eat their sons and the sons will eat their fathers. And on top of that you will try to seek a vision from a prophet but because you left my word I will remove counsel from the elders. All you will have is the wisdom of this world. 
This world is looking for answers in the wrong places. Some will look in the stars, some in science, and others in the spiritualist. Yet God had made the answers simple, it's found in Jesus. We're seeing a world moving full speed ahead with people glorifying more the creation that the Creator. Which brings us to this point; God has put the Christians in the center of all nations to declare His name. We have the answer. On a personal level God has given me a vision for the lost and it my responsibility to pour out my life to gather them in. I'm only one of many who have the same call. I cannot be silent I must go. There is a starvation in the streets but not for food but for the Word of God. Lord let me be Your messenger and grant me Your counsels as I go. 
Father I can't stop corruption from happening to this world but I can pull as many from the flames of hell before they fall in. Lord I love Your word, for it is the power of God of unto salvation. Keep me accountable to my calling and if I ever get lax make my bones burn. 

Devotions for August 29

Ezekiel 4,5,6,7
Revelation 3

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