On Your Toes

John Tilton

"Who then is the faithful and sensible slave whom his master put in charge of his household to give them their food at the proper tie? Blessed is that slave whom his master finds so doing when he comes." (Matthew 25:45-46)
In various sports such as football, basketball, volleyball or track the coaches often direct players to be "on their toes" which is both a state-of-mind to be mentally alert, as well as it being a physically proactive stance or ready position with weight shifted forward allowing the athlete to spring into action and respond to a play rather then be caught in a position of being "back on your heels." In a canoe race it is the same where paddlers are directed to sit upright, weight shifted forward focusing on their peer ahead of them, ready to put all they have into the first stroke of the paddle. In athletics, this state-of-mind will always give the athlete the edge to be ahead of their competition and ready to respond. It can mean getting the basketball in the initial "jump ball" where all of the players try to get the basketball for their team, or in football being in a better position to block one's opponent or be ahead of one's opponent to catch the ball, and in paddling can mean a victory by a margin of an inch due to getting the first stroke in earlier then the opposing canoe team. In a track meet, runners literally take a physical stance of being set on their toes with their weight shifted forward to get the split second jump on their competitors. It is often called "getting the jump on your opponent."

So do these two scriptures including the related scripture prior to and post that remind us of the need to be on alert in our relationship with Christ and that which He has called us to do in serving Him and living our lives for Him.

On the opposite side of the coin, there is the mentality that when the "cat is away, the mice will play," meaning with no immediate threat, danger or need to focus on the responsibilities one has been assigned, some tend to slack of, let their guard down or postpone what they are responsible to do thinking that there is lots of time to accomplish the goal or task or that the matter can be accomplished just before the matter is due.

Given the scriptures here that are very clear that the Son of Man, Jesus will come without warning, we need to be ready, living a Christ like lifestyle and serving Him as He calls us to.

We know that no man is perfect and that only Christ is perfect, yet God calls us to live a life by His Word, repenting of our sins, seeking the Heart of Jesus, serving Him with all the gifts He's blessed us with. His household is the lives we live, and we are called by His word to be minding His household.
I want to be the man that is not double-minded, not being swayed at any time by the ways and temptations of the world less Jesus returns at a moment that I am not living the life Christ has called me to. I also want to be the man who has been blessed to be serving Him in full time ministry. Thus, it is in recognition of that honor and privilege that I want to give Him my best efforts in all that I do for the Kingdome of God. I want to play the game and run the race with the edge of Christ having the jump on the enemy so that I grab the ball of opportunity first, out block and defend against the enemy and get to the finish line because I was on my toes and ready, focused on Christ, with all my paddle strokes for Christ in the water of life first.
Dear Lord, guide me to be an athlete for you, ready for the race and wholly focused in the game of life before me. Please guide me to be the athlete on my toes, weight forward, ready to respond and out of the blocks first.

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2 Samuel 13,14
Matthew 24

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