Uphold ME as Holy...

Rod Shimabukuro

[8]“Take the staff, and assemble the congregation, you and Aaron your brother, and tell the rock before their eyes to yield its water. So you shall bring water out of the rock for them and give drink to the congregation and their cattle.” Numbers 20:8
Instead of speaking to the rock as God instructed, Moses struck the rock twice, releasing the water for the people to drink. While Moses himself spoke of the Israelites being rebels, he too rebelled against God’s instructions. His anger got he best o him and cost him entrance into the best of the land. The rebellious people would enter, but not the angry, rebellious leader. Moses was one of the greatest leaders mentioned in the Bible. Yet even the greatest of His, gave into the fault line of his anger.

I and warned by verse 12. “You did not uphold me as Holy in the sight of the people”

It’s tough leading people who just don’t’ have it together in Jesus. The broken, hard hearted, rebellious, grumblers and complainers - the needy… But I hope it doesn’t get so tough where I crack - striking and cracking rocks instead of speaking to them.

It was as if God wanted to show His power and might through a gentle, confident, firm voice - not a harsh, rough, angry hand.
The voice is better than the hand when it comes to discipline - especially when God says so. For me, I want to be a filled with the Spirit’s authority and anointing at all times, to speak correction, instruction - rather than striking with judgement, anger, resentment.
Inner battles with judging, resentment - working so hard to meet our goals, expectations - can get the best of me. But may it never result in the fury of my words or actions.
Dear Spirit of God You are my Conviction and Comfort, my Strength and savior, my Love and Lord! Help me to adjust my attitude, motives before You have to lay Your hands on me. Help me to Shepherd Your people with grace and love, with faith and trust in You. May I speak truth and justice form Your heart. May you never say of me…You did not uphold me as Holy in the sight of the people

Devotions for February 26

Numbers 19,20
Psalms 28
Mark 5

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