Serving...could it be a mask?

Rod Shimabukuro

The greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted. Matthew 23:11-12
Jesus lays into the scribes and pharisees for being hypocrites. Acts of pride and self serving distinguished them as being evil leaders. Self exaltation appears in different forms.
Just because we “serve” and appear to be “servants”, doesn’t always mean that we are humbling our hearts. Serving can easily be a mask that covers up self serving and pride. Sometimes it’s hard to detect this disease within our own lives because as Christians, we are taught to “die to ourselves - and serve.” Making this choice is great - but we still have to be very careful of dealing with the inner pride of self serving.
Today - I am responsible to evaluate my heart and ask the Holy Spirit to search me - search me deeply! Search me intently. The grappling continues, between the desire to be sincerely humble and the desire to be self serving.
Humility is my choice before God. To recognize that I do have the battle within, asking Jesus to HELP me, confessing my struggle and surrendering to Him - is my pathway to being like Jesus.

  1. I choose to die to my rights, pride and to serve others needs.
  2. I choose to humble my heart before God - not before man first or to “appear humble” before others.
  3. I choose to exalt Jesus in a sincere way, from my heart in the secret place. I need to spend a little more time exalting Jesus in the secret place of worship and prayer!
Once again Lord Jesus, by the Spirit of God - I adore You for who You are. You give so much love, forgiveness, grace to me. I thank You for all of this - but I want to Thank you for WHO YOU ARE. You are God my Daddy, Lord, Counselor, Friend, Judge, Warrior, Savior, God over all gods!!

Devotions for November 26

Matthew 23,24,25

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