Never Say Never

Rod Shimabukuro

Matthew 16:22 Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you!”
One minute, Peter is commended, having received the revelation for God the Father of who Jesus is, as the Christ, Son of the living God. He is called blessed and is told that he will be given authority, recognition that His church will be built upon this revelation. The next thing you know, he is standing against the Lord’s instruction that He will suffer and die. Jesus is rebuking the work of satan through Peter’s lack of understanding.
From revelation to rebuke. Peter spoke too soon it seems, reacting too quickly with his “never” statements.
Although I may not be so rash to “Never say never” to the Lord, I do fall in to the trap of questioning the Lord’s way’s and will for my life at times.
I ask too many “why” questions of the Lord, not understanding or recognizing His sovereign plan. I question His authority and decisions when I sometimes question decisions being made around me. It’s especially hard when “The Lord doesn’t check in with me” on what I think, or when my input is not asked for or received.
The pride of Peter is no different from the pride of Rod! While I may not say “Never...” I’m at fault for rashly and ignorantly questioning Jesus. Instead, may I wait on Him patiently, trusting Him because He really has Everything Under Control!
Forgive me Jesus, for my lack of trust. That’s it! I lack trust and patience! Please forgive me. I believe You for understanding and wisdom to develop stronger trust and patience in You. And I definitely NEED YOUR REVELATION, insights --- to be a wise and Godly husband, father and leader!

Devotions for April 29

2 Samuel 4,5
Psalm 139
Matthew 16

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